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Fena Superwash Germ Clean Detergent Powder 1 kg

₹ 71

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Product Description

Fena Superwash GermClean Detergent Powder designed to give you a premium washing experience with Rose & Chandan perfume, dirt and stain removing active ingredients, & optical brightener for dazzling whiteness.

Product Features

High active ingredients that help in the effective removal of all types of stains including stains of coffee, haldi, grease etc. Sophisticated long lasting perfume of Rose & Chandan that leaves the clothes fragrant. Safe on hands. Optical Brighteners that give sparkling whiteness which is superior in comparison to other ordinary detergent powders. Effective in both hard water and soft water. Works powerfully in both Bucket & Machine wash. Immediate foaming & dissolution in water. Dissolves and performs well even in cold water having temperature 10 degrees and lower.

Product Specifications

  • Packaging Size: 1 Kg
  • Usage/Application: Laundry
  • Fragrance: Rose and Chandan
  • Color: White
  • Packaging Type: Packet Shelf
  • Life: 9 Months

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